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Delta-Corona De Aragon
In 1134 A.D. Alfonso I "The Belligerent" King of Aragon and Navarre died without descendants. His reign was left to two military orders. The Aragon people rejected the king's will and made Ramiro, the king's brother, the successor to the throne. He left his monastery and marries Ines de Poitiers they have a daughter, Petronilla, who is given to marry Ramon Berenguer IV immediately after her birth.

Following the same example, the Navarre also tried to install their own king and so the two kingdoms became divided. Aragon and Catalan began their common destiny. The succeeding centuries saw great battles as well as a wide variety of alliances. These led to the eventual formation of Greece, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

The territories of the Corona were eventually made part of Spain but maintained their own, distinct, personality; standing on their own laws. In 1716, Filippo V removed the Corona's autonomy by decree. The opposition and all servers to the crown of Aragon were punished and six centuries of history came to an end.

This is a Retired Collection
C83001 - Corona De Aragon - Limited Edition Rollerbal (Retired)
C83002 - Corona De Aragon - Limited Edition Silver Fountain Pen (Retired)
C83003 - Corona De Aragon -Special Limited Edition Vermeil Fountain Pen (Retired)
864 pieces issued. Central ring, barrel, cap, clip, and grip match (Retired)
864 pieces issued. Central ring is 925% sterling silver. 18kt solid gold nib with platinum mask. Barrel is hand turned terra-cotta resin. Cap and grip are Madre Blue hand turned resin as above. End piece is sterling silver. Clip is spring mounted, sterling silver. (Retired)
864 pieces issued. Central ring is vermeil. 18kt solid gold nib. Matching lateral lever filling system. Barrel is hand turned, terra-cotta resin. Madre Blue Pearl hand turned cap, with vermeil end piece as per Celebration version, three turn threading for posting or closing. Grip matches cap color Spring mounted vermeil clip. (Retired)
Nib Sizes: EEF, EF, F, M, B, BB, OM, OB, and Stub

*Price list updated June 15, 2005

Heirs to a shared past, today's citizens of this territory face the 21st century with a conviction that their common history is not forgotten and that further cultural and social growth and collaboration will continue to flourish. Delta invites a limited number of pen collectors throughout the world to celebrate this treasured memory with an edition worthy of royalty.

No one knows if this is true, but there were apple trees on his family's property, and one of them may well have inspired him.