Delta Pens
Delta Pens

Busy at the office or on your way to an important meeting? The New Delta Vintage pens with Stylus have the tools you need to get the job done. At the one end is a traditional Italian writing instrument made from materials savvy aficionados have come to expect from Delta. At the other end is a premium capacitive rubber stylus, specifically designed for all of today’s touch screen devices. In the middle is a sleek and surprisingly weighty brushed metal barrel that firmly states this pen is maybe not so traditional after all.
Available as either a fountain pen or roller, whichever way you go, the precision stylus will be ready to handle any app, whether for business or pleasure. Fountain pen fills via standard cartridge and the flexible iridium nib is available in fine, medium, broad or extra fine. The capped roller fills with standard Parker style rollers.

DV80040 Vintage Stylus Rollerball - Lava Stone Black $175.00
DV80041 Vintage Stylus Fountain Pen - Lava Stone Black $195.00
DV80042 Vintage Stylus Rollerball - Deep Ocean Blue $175.00
DV80043 Vintage Stylus Fountain Pen - Deep Ocean Blue $195.00
DV80044 Vintage Stylus Rollerball - Lava Stone Black $175.00
DV80045 Vintage Stylus Fountain Pen - Burnt Orange $195.00