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Delta Pens

Enrico Caruso Limited Edition

Delta-Since 1982

Created in 1982, from the resolve of three entrepreneurs, Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone and Mario Muscente, to produce in complete cycle writing instruments of the highest quality and made entire by hand.  An all Italian Company that in the course of a quarter of a century has imposed itself to the attention of the world-wide market confirming itself to the first places in the high level of the market, for its high qualitative standards, the study of new forms and innovative materials and for the originality of its design. Delta was established with a simple dream” create beautiful objects of art to be used as writing instruments”.  We have been designing and creating prized writing instruments for the world’s most demanding writers ever since.

The factory maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship and design where skilled artisans have been creating some of the world’s most distinctive writing instruments. Delta is the only company using one of the oldest filling systems, the lateral lever system, very much appreciated by collectors and pen connoisseurs alike

All aspects of manufacturing (design, hand casting, hand turning, hand assembly, and polishing) are performed under one roof in Naples, Italy using techniques that might have gone the way of the last century.  Delta has been able to continue to pass down through generations the ancient Italian traditions through the art expressed in its hand made products. 

Dedicated to illustrious personages, unforgettable events, places with undoubtedly fascination, Delta collections continue, year after year, to delight passionate collectors and simple lovers of writing instruments.  It was the only Italian Pen Company to furnish pens for the signing of the G-7 Agreement, 1991. It was also the first company in the world to introduce carbon fiber and titanium to writing instruments.  Delta was chosen to create a special pen for the city of Venice in Italy.  On September 7, 1998 the mayor of Venice receives and declares the VENEZIA-limited edition, the official pen of the city of Venice.

The collection that more represents and identifies Delta in the world is Dolcevita, produced from solid bars of resin turned by hand in the very successful and exclusive chromatic approach of black and mother of pearl orange. Moreover Delta is also producing precious accessories that complete the offer of objects of class to wear.

Delta has been making high quality goods for the last 25 years and has reached the position of leadership in its segment of market.  Delta’s legendary history of creating unique writing instruments for world leaders and its unusually high standards of quality control have brought us to an extraordinary point in time… 

To celebrate this wonderful occasion Delta introduces a very special Limited Edition, the Delta’s 25th Anniversary available only as fountain pens.



The 25th offers the most traditional filling system, the lateral lever filling system, widely appreciated by collectors and pen connoisseurs all over the world. 

The choice of colors of this collection took inspiration from Delta’s evolution during these 25 years.

Since its creation Delta’s establishes itself with navy blue and gold as its institutional colors until 1994 when those are substituted by 2 new colors, deep black and warm orange, which have remained since.

The 25th anniversary collection includes three versions of celebration of 25 fountain pens each.  These 3 versions vary among them by the celluloid colors, the solid gold sculptures and the precious stones offered.

Also available are 250 pieces in resin with body sculpture carved in 925‰ solid sterling silver.



In the celebration versions are hand turned from solid bars of blue, black or orange celluloid contrasted by a sculpture carved in yellow, rose or white solid gold (18kt).   Delta’s insignia in solid gold places in top of the cap is enriched with black diamonds, sapphires or diamonds depending on version.   In the solid gold sculpture the number 25 is integrated into the carving and is enriched with same stones as the ones offered in top of cap.

In the (1KS) are hand turned from solid bars of orange resin and both the sculpture and insignia are offered in 925‰ solid sterling silver version.

The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and flexible.  It is available in EEF, EF, F, M, B, OB, OBB and STUB grades.

The celebration and the 1KS versions offer the lateral filling system.  The lever rests under the sculpture that covers the body.  To access the lever one must extract (unscrew) the extremity of the body and slide out the sculpture.


DG84127: CELEBRATION FOUNTAIN PEN (Call for price)

(Not shown)
DT84126 Celebration Fountain Pen 18kt gold nib in Black Call for price
DT84128 Celebration Fountain Pen 18kt gold nib in Orange Call for price