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Delta Pens

Delta dedicates a bold new line of special writing instruments to the legal profession and its practitioners - LEX. Translated from Latin as "the law", LEX is a tribute to the period of the introduction of written law in ancient Rome.

The LEX clip is decorated with a scale of justice emblem in rhodium-plated metal on black enamel. The rhodium cap ring is engraved with a Greek fret pattern set inside a black resin band. The LEX special edition is crafted in all-black, hand-turned resin. Its cap band is trimmed with white casein rings and rhodium plate.

The LEX Limited Edition fountain pen has the Delta Fusion nib, made with a "plate" of gold over steel, it enhances the chemical-physical properties of ink, making it flow more smoothly. The flexible nib offers longer and more reliable performance than classic solid gold - at a much lower price!

DL10000 Lex Limited Edition Ballpoint $595.00
DL10001 Lex Limited Edition Fountain Pen $995.00
DL10002 Lex Limited Edition Rollerball $650.00
DL11000 Lex Ballpoint $395.00
DL11001 Lex Fountain Pen $595.00
DL11002 Lex Rollerball $465.00
Price subject to change without prior notice. For specialty nibs (other than F, M, B) there is a $26 premium charge.