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The Special Edition Unita Italia 150th fountain pen by Delta celebrates the 150 years since the unification of Italy as a single, individual state. Enjoy the fountain pen that celebrates a long standing, rich heritage.  

Dark red and pearlescent ivory resins are hand-turned to create the body of the fountain pen. Each 150 wears a wide, solid sterling silver band with an enameled Italian flag and the dates of the anniversary in high relief. Rings and clips are finished in precious rhodium to provide a brilliant contrasting design. 

The Delta Special Edition Unita Italia 150th fountain pen has Delta's terrific titanium nib that is strong and lightweight, providing remarkable flexibility. Bring a touch of Italian history and heritage to your writing today. The fountain pen accepts cartridges or converter.

DI86020 Delta Italiana 150 Ballpoint Black $350.00
DI86021 Delta Italiana 150 Fountain Pen with Titanium Nib $475.00
Price subject to change without prior notice. For specialty nibs (other than F, M, B) there is a $26 premium charge.