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20th Anniversary Collection

This is a Retired Pen
Presenting Delta's 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection. A Collection worth of the occasion.

Living the "Sweet Life" a 20-Year Phenomenon. Delta Pen Company was established in 1982 with little more than "a penny and a dream." They have been designing and creating prized writing instruments for The World's most demanding writers ever since.

Delta's legendary history of creating unique writing instruments for world leaders, and its unusually high standards of quality control, have bought us to an extraordinary point in tim e...

Presenting Delta's 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection.
A Collection worth of the occasion.

In 1982 a new innovative Italian writing instruments factory was established through the partnership of Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone and Mario Muscente, named Delta Srl.

From the beginning Delta has chosen only the highest product standards to enter into the very demanding and competitive international consumer market. Delta has chosen to control every aspect of the pen manufacturing process in its southern Italian facility under the watchful eyes of its skilled artisans. Over the last 15 years, Delta has finely tuned its processes raising the quality of the final product to near perfection. This level of attention to detail establishes delta in a category of its own.

Delta‘s research & development department has committed itself to the study of innovative and exotic materials. The Extrema collection, the world’s first writing instruments line made of carbon fiber and titanium is the result of this intensive research and development.

As a sponsor of the "G7 summit" held in July 1994 in Naples Italy, Delta offered the G7 limited edition to the 7 great leaders (Clinton, Yeltsin, Major, etc.) of the leading economic nations, as part of a limited edition comprised of 1994 pieces. This 3-piece limited edition set is available to collectors and pen enthusiast around the world.

Delta's most important collection to date, JUBILAEUM 2000 has just been launched. Delta created this new collection to celebrate the year 2000 when the holy year of Jubilee coincides with the beginning of the 3rd millennium. Being the Pen Company closest to the Vatican, DELTA was compelled to be the first to create a JUBILAEUM pen. Delta has been also chosen to create a special pen for the city of Venice in Italy. On September 7, 1998 the mayor of Venice receives and declares the VENEZIA-limited edition, the official pen of the city of Venice.

Today DELTA Fountain Pens are easily recognizable by its use of the lateral lever filling system, introduced in the early 1900’s and very much treasured by pen collectors. Of course this precious filling system is reserved to special limited editions only.