What are our customers saying about us?
"First, I want to make a point of the quality of your pens. They are excellent writing instruments. I am a collector of pens and have from Top-of-the-Line Mont Blanc and Waterman down the line. I have many that are collectors' items, Museum Quality, writing instruments and my Yafa pens are just as fine a writing instrument as the high end pieces I own.
I have one Yafa pen that was given to me quite a number of years ago by a dear friend. It is in a box and looks exactly like a cigar. I was wondering if you could give me some idea as to the value that pen. I have never seen one like it anywhere and I always search for pens when I travel both in and out of the U.S. It had to have been given to me back in the 1980s or 90s.
I have a number of the Aldo Domani pen sets and they are really nice as well.
I would appreciate your keeping me on your e-mail list and notify me of new items and sale items as you did in the e-mail I received today.
I was wondering if you have any knowledge as to where the White House orders and have the pens the President uses in signing new bills into law made? I have some pens with the White House emblem on them and one with the Presidential Emblem as well.
Thanks for sending your e-mail to me and I will appreciate any information you may be able to send me regarding the Yafa Cigar Pen and ones made for the White House as well."

-Dr. Lloyd J. Minter

"Great vendor, second time I have shopped with them. Top notch service every time!"

-Steven Minkin

"I just wanted to let you know after I get out of law school and start winning cases and have national recognition. I want to be the new face of Monteverde pens. They are the best and I am going to buy as many of them as I can now. So, I will be known to have one as a trademark to my victories. Keep making these great products!!"

-Herrell Washington