Warm weather is upon us, which means that wedding season has arrived! There are several elements that go into planning, and every detail counts. Monteverde USA paired up with Seniman Calligraphy in Los Angeles to take a lesson in creating stunning calligraphy that can be used for everything from invitations to guest place cards. The creative talent behind it all is Ruth Jahja-Daro, born and raised in Indonesia. A lover of caffeine, fried noodles, and copious amounts of shallots, Ruth teaches the art of calligraphy to a variety of students in her sweet Downtown LA loft. In a time where most of our words are virtual, it’s refreshing to add a personal touch and strengthen those handwriting skills. Ruth had a passion for painting and drawing since childhood, but decided to go down the stable path and originally worked as an interior designer. Upon discovering how valuable her calligraphy and workshops could be, she started her business and took off with her passion.

One glance at her Instagram page reveals her extensive portfolio and natural ability to create soothing aesthetics. Light, fresh tones and delicate details feel modern and inviting, just like the space where her classes are held. One unique idea that immediately catches the eye is the display of oysters as wedding place cards. Rich gold lettering accents the natural hues of the oyster, utilizing the organic designs of nature. Her Etsy generates the same feelings, where agate place cards and gorgeous pins fill the shop pages. Of course, creating these stunning works takes the proper ink, and this is where we come in.

We brought over our Monteverde USA inks in rich Brown Sugar and deep Moonstone to show how dazzling these shades could be in the right setting. Brown Sugar is part of our Core Ink Collection, inspired by tones found in nature and crafted with Ink Treatment Formula (ITF) to maintain ink flow and extend cap-off time. This shade has hints of red, echoing the look of wood, which is perfect for that rustic feel. Moonstone hails from our Gemstone Ink Collection, which was inspired by—you guessed it—gems! Although moonstones can come in a variety of colors, brown ones are surprisingly beautiful. Moonstones represent sensitivity and intuition, and are especially used for protection during pregnancy and childbirth. Clearly this theme goes hand-in-hand with wedding season, as moonstones (and moonstone-inspired inks) are wonderful presents for future brides preparing to start (or continue) a family. The Gemstone Collection is also treated with ITF, making both of these shades a great complement to any writing.

We were able to create lovely pieces thanks to Ruth’s expert guidance and the warm atmosphere of the class. She went through the alphabet, which appeared intimidating at first, but soon became achievable once we witnessed her technique. Fountain pens are a key factor in being able to manipulate the curves of each letter, and Monteverde USA has no shortage of those either! Our classy Invincia collection has dazzling options with either rose gold or chrome trim, which could be an amazing matching set for a couple. Just an idea for those wondering what unique but practical gifts to offer!

Thank you so much to Ruth for allowing us the opportunity of this partnership! Be sure to check out the handles listed below on Instagram to see more stunning art, and let us know what collaborations you’re interested in next!

Ruth: @seniman_calligraphy

Photography: @LeVie_photography

Floral Arrangements: @chloeandmint

@monteverdepens @conklinpens @yafabrands

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