Become A Retailer

The YAFA Company would like to invite you to become an authorized retail dealer for our 9 brands.

*New Accounts:
Your First order must be a minimum $500.00 and must be paid by credit card. For account setup,
please fax, on your company letterhead, 3 credit references, Federal Tax I.D., and Reseller's I.D.

All Yafa brands are sold worldwide. International retailers are welcome. Payment can be submitted
by credit card and products will be shipped immediately.

Please feel free to surf our Web Site, Fax: (818) 704- 8112, Call: (818) 704-8888 or email us at
yafa@yafa.com with your order.

Thank you for your interest and please join our network of thousands of satisfied customers.

Jerry Greenberg
Founder & CEO
Yafa Pen Company

YAFA Pen Company
21306 Gault Street
Canoga Park, CA 91303 USA