Yafa Brands Q&A with Roy of @penboyroy

What kick started your love of fountain pens?

“When I was a child, my father gave me a fountain pen filled with an ink cartridge. He said it would improve my hand writing. So I took it to school and by the middle of the day, it ran out of ink, and it didn’t improve my handwriting. So after that I used it to dig up bugs in the school yard. I don’t remember what happened after that, but I always felt bad for destroying it.
Some time ago, my wife suggested a fountain pen for Christmas. I thought to myself, “Maybe this is a good idea. I should give it another shot.” I also have damage to my neck that I sustained over the years, and at the time I had to do a lot of writing. I hoped that writing with a pen that doesn't require any pressure would be helpful with the constant pain I have in my neck.
So after the pen I bought, I began to research better and badder pens. Years later, here I am, fully and deeply infected with the Fountain Pen Virus. ”

How many pens and inks do you have?

“Regarding pens, I stopped counting after 100, so honestly I don’t know. If I had to estimate: over 300 maybe.
Regarding inks, I have eight different bottles including Monteverde Jade Noir, Monteverde Yosemite Green, Monteverde Green, Monteverde Malibu Blue,
and Monteverde Horizon Blue. ”

If you were stuck on an island, which Yafa Brands pen and ink would you want to have with you to pass the time?

“I would probably want to have the Monteverde Essenza, but due to the fact that you guys decided not to make one in green (hint hint), I have to say the Monteverde Prima. I love that pen. For an ink, I’d say Monteverde Green. I really like that color and how it has a red sheen. ”

What ink colors do you prefer? Are there shades that you would never use?

“I like green. Unfortunately, my work requires blue, black, or blue black only. So I find I get away using dark green inks that upon first sight look black.
There aren’t really any colors I would NEVER use. ”

Which Yafa Brands pen and ink is next on your list?

“I’m looking to try other green inks that Yafa has. Regarding pens, I want to get the Giant Sequoia in green as my next Yafa purchase.”

What made you decide to start sharing your passion for pens on social media?

“It was really because I couldn’t find any reviews on the Pineider Legrande Belezza when it launched. I bought it any way. After having it for a while, I still couldn’t find any reviews. So I decided, being that it’s an expensive pen, to put up my own review so that I could possibly help someone out there if they were on the fence on whether or not they should pull the trigger on it or not.”

Any advice for getting a great layout when photographing pens?

“I think asking me for advice on photography is a lot like asking a rock for advice on how to fly. I don’t think anything I have to offer is of any value, since I am not a photographer. But if I had to answer, I guess… don’t take flash photography of your pens near hungry grizzly bears. Yeah. That’s solid advice. Can’t go wrong with that.”

What was the best pen-related event that you’ve attended?

“Being that I’m pretty busy, I haven’t attended any pen related events other than the Long Island Pen Show this past March. So as of now, that was definitely the best pen related event I attended.”

What life philosophy do you live by?

“I don’t think I have one.”

Give us one unique fact the world should know about you!

“I think that if there is anything people need to know about me, they already do. If they don’t already know, then they probably shouldn’t.”

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