Yafa Brands Q&A with Artist/Architect Dan Hogman @danhogman

What kick started your love of fountain pens?

“Fountain pens were required in my primary school. This is probably a normal occurrence in most countries, except the US, where the fountain pen culture has plenty of room to grow. In my professional life, I re-started using them, mainly for the consistency of line weight and overall feel of the instrument. Also, as a statement against the consumerism in the US, where pens are seen as single-use, disposable tools for the day...”

How many pens and inks do you have?

“I almost never throw away pens, so my collection is in the thousands. When it comes to fountain pens, I think I am in the 80-90. I almost always use black, so this limits the number of ink bottles I own. I should be at under a dozen inks.”

What ink colors do you prefer? Are there shades that you would never use?

“I think all colors are good if it serves your purpose. I never write with fountain pens. I draw architecture. For this purpose, black ink is always desired. I've tried color in drawing, but I always come back to black - it conveys the concept very cleanly. It's not just the geometry. On many occasions, I take care of the way I render the light and shadow, so a monochromatic representation is always desired.”

Which Yafa Brands pen and ink is next on your list?

“I use both Conklin and Monteverde. I happen to have the Monteverde Impressa in front of me as I type this. I am particularly impressed with the build quality and material selection. It has some sort of a luxurious feel to it. It's an instrument that I could use to wear, clipped to the exterior of my shirt. The metal finish adds a nice touch and the nib has interesting acoustics, in addition to the consistent lightweight. The Conklin Herringbone is another well-built and timeless piece.”

What made you decide to start sharing your passion for pens on social media?

“My followers are great and their feedback in inspiring. I can tell from their reaction when I do well or not, so this informs my next move. The audience I've build is a great incentive to produce more and get better at what I do.”

Any advice for getting a great layout when photographing pens?

“There are so many ways to look at it. I personally prefer is photographed very simply - the white piece of paper on a white table (marble is better) with the artwork and pen standing out as the darker elements in the composition. I give a slight tilt to the images, maybe 20-30 degrees, maybe as an acknowledgment that getting the image frame perfectly aligned with the subject is a fight not worth having.”

What was the best pen-related event that you’ve attended?

“I was fortunate to be able to attend the San Francisco Pen Show this summer, courtesy of Yafa. I left with pockets full of pens, even if I really planned not to expand my collection even further...”

What life philosophy do you live by?

“Quality tools for quality results.”

Give us one unique fact the world should know about you!

“I never write a word with fountain pens. I believe that a drawing/image is worth a lot more...”

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