New Brand Alert: Say Hello to Diplomat!

Made In Germany

Have you noticed a new box on our site? Yafa is proud to announce that we are the exclusive U.S. distributor for Diplomat fine writing instruments! This German brand has been in operation since 1922, offering pens that are carefully designed with traditional methods of craftsmanship. Their combined efforts in selecting high quality materials, and decades of exceptional experience allow them to give clients the best. Their goals are set in creating pens that will “stand the test of time and anchor the link between generations.” They believe that there are no machines that could ever replicate the fine details and care that are put into the humanity of crafting a pen, so each one is manually tested in their workshops.

Diplomat uses metal as their primary manufacturing material, in order to ensure great balance and impact resistance. All fountain pen nibs are custom made with stainless steel and 14k gold, allowing superb comfort and an amazing sense of control. Their ink refill for ball pens, called EasyFlow, gifts users with incomparable smoothness when writing or creating stunning artwork. Diplomat aims to contribute in a significant way to allow you to share your stories.

Check out some of these amazing writing instruments on our new page, and stay tuned for another exciting announcement coming up soon!

21306 Gault Street, Canoga Park, California 91303 USA  -  Tel:(818) 704-8888    Fax:(818)704-8112