Yafa Brands Q&A - Azizah (Gourmet Pens)

What kick started your love of fountain pens?

“My dad used fountain pens and drafting pens in university as he writes very small. I started borrowing his pens (and cleaning them for him). After some time of using his pens and exploring every stationery aisle I could fine, I realized that, for me, fountain pens were the most interesting and special way to experience something I was doing on a daily basis.”

How many pens and inks do you have?

“I used to own well over one hundred bottles of ink, hoarding them for special occasions and justifying their use. When several bottles of my favorite, discontinued hoarded inks started going off, I realized I had to start using them. Generously. I now own roughly 25 bottles. When I receive a bottle for a review, I save half of it for personal use after the review, and gift the rest to friends! As for pens, I only own pens I use regularly. I have around 75 pens at this point.”

What ink colors do you prefer? Are there shades that you would never use?

“I love all ink colors but I am most drawn to medium blues that shade well, turquoise, teals, and orange. A solid, intense pink is not too bad either! There are no shades I can think of that I would not use, but I use black inks the least.”

If you were stuck on an island, which Yafa Brands pen and ink would you want to have with you to pass the time?

“A Stipula Etruria. The model is gorgeous, very comfortable, and offers a wonderful writing experience. They are also easy to clean and maintain.”

Which Yafa Brands pen and ink is next on your list?

“I am interested in the Pineider Honeycomb with the stub nib and Monteverde USA D.C. Supershow Blue ink for 2018.”

What made you decide to start sharing your passion for pens on social media?

“I wanted to attend the Stationery Show in New York and at the time, it was available to the media. I thought that having a blog would help me qualify. I have yet to make it to the show!”

Any advice for getting a great layout when photographing pens?

“Lots of natural light, stick to a theme, whether of color or style, and don’t copy other people. Find your own style so your work becomes recognizable and remains your own.”

What was the best pen-related event that you’ve attended?

“The Madrid Pen Show was one of the best – a relaxed show, delicious food, beautiful city, wonderful people.”

What life philosophy do you live by?

“Kindness is free. Throw it around like confetti!”

Give us one unique fact the world should know about you!

“I have an excellent sense of smell and taste and stationery has an entirely different dimension to it as a result.”





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