Since the beginning of the 19th century Pineider has been known for its exclusive bespoke stationery. For more than two centuries Pineider printing has been the epitome of uniqueness and style thanks to the very high quality of its hand-engraving methods as well as its exclusive typefaces and colours. Pineider is one of the few stationers in the world which still use distinctive traditional hand-engraving technique. To experience first hand all the different kinds of Pineider paper and printing methods, Pineider has created three sample packs: wedding, personal and business. Each contains a wide range of Pineider personalised stationery featuring different styles of paper, font and printing techniques (flat, die-stamping/ hand engraving and blind embossing). Enclosed, you will also find technical and useful information sheets detailing Pineider layouts, typefaces and ink colours. Armed with this information you will be able to design and quote your own bespoke stationery set. Sample packs can be bought at Pineider flagship stores, at Pineider official retail shops or on the website: . The cost of the pack will be fully deducted from the cost of any subsequent order. For a more complete view of Pineider’s paper and printing products, please see also: Pineider bespoke paper and printing catalogue.

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