A true measure of good design is how well it stands the test of time. 38 years after its introduction, the Revolution ballpoint pen by Parafernalia looks as modern today as it did in 1978 when the Bee Gees ruled the pop charts. Originally developed by Sergio Carpani to commemorate the construction of the Pompidou Center with its acclaimed exposed structural skeleton design, the Revolution ballpoint looked like nothing that came before, or anything since. The Revolution is handmade in Italy from 31 individual pieces, resulting in an ergonomic form that is lightweight and extremely comfortable to use. The anodized aluminum tubes, matte black trim, solid mechanism and smooth writing combine to mark Revolution as a true quality writing instrument that will draw looks for years to come.

PA21840 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Aluminum $65

PA21841 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Blue $65

PA21842 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Green $65

PA21843 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Black $65

PA21844 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Orange $65

PA21845 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Purple $65

PA21846 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Turquoise $65

PA21847 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Red $65

PA21848 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Titanium $65

PA21849 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Lime Green $65

PA21850 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Yellow $65

PA21851 Revolution Ballpoint Pen Bronze $65

PA21852 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Aluminum $65

PA21853 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Blue $65

PA21854 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Green $65

PA21855 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Black $65

PA21856 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Orange $65

PA21857 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Purple $65

PA21858 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Turquoise $65

PA21859 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Red $65

PA21860 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Titanium $65

PA21861 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Lime Green $65

PA21862 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Yellow $65

PA21863 Revolution 0.5MM Pencil Bronze $65