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A unique and vibrant collection of stunning new writing instruments

Another Conklin classic returns with the introduction of the new Symetrik collection. Originally introduced in 1929, the Symetrik was the first streamlined fountain pen design released by the Conklin Pen Co. A departure for Conklin during this time period, the Symetrik proved to be an instant success. The Symetrik is reintroduced in a stunning new collection based on the original 1929 design. Available in both fountain pen and rollerball, each pen retains the vintage appeal of its 1920’s predecessor. The fountain pen comes complete with a stainless steel nib engraved with the famous Conklin® logo in either Fine, Medium, or Broad nibs, and is cartridge or converter filled.  The Symetrik™ Collection represents timeless elegance in a streamlined writing instrument.  Now available in three new splendid cracked-ice vintage designs.

The Rocker Clip

These Symetrik pens and many other Conklin pens incorporate the original 1916 patented Sprint-Loaded Rocker Clip. This perfectly balanced clip will easily fit and hold firmly in the shirt pockets as well as in thick jacket or coat pockets.

Suggested Retail
Ballpoint Pen: $85
Rollerball Pen: $95
Fountain Pen: $115

CK71031 - Symetrik Ballpoint Pen - Blue/Brown

CK71041 - Symetrik RollerballPen - Blue/Brown

CK71051 - Symetrik Fountain Pen - Blue/Brown

CK71032 - Symetrik Ballpoint Pen - Green/Black

CK71042 - Symetrik Rollerball Pen - Green/Black

CK71052 - Symetrik Fountain Pen - Green/Black

CK71033 - Symetrik Ballpoint Pen - Red/Toupe

CK71043 - Symetrik Rollerball Pen - Red/Toupe

CK71053 - Symetrik Fountain Pen - Red/Toupe

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