Pineider is pleased to introduce the 2019 Avatar Collection, which marks a step up in pen manufacturing that involves a new material (the revolutionary UltraResin) precision assembly (a new process called GlueLess), and the special protection of the cap lock. For 100 years a constant problem in the pen industry was breakage or damage. So many timeless pens have been made from celluloid, but unfortunately it has very bad resistance to heat and can easily crystallize with age, eventually showing the age of and ultimately ruining the pen. In the twenties, pen makers were used to throwing pens from airplanes to demonstrate the resistance of celluloid. Pineider does it again, bit UltraResin. This new material will set you free from the mess of a pen drop or cracks, that most of time is the beginning of a nightmare that will often end with returns, complaints and expenses. Joining incredible beauty and a very high resistance to any kind of impact, each Avatar UR is crafted with a mother of pearl compound resin in a special formula, called UltraResin. Developed in Florence specifically for Pineider, this compound is very stiff and its exceptional features makes it far better than celluoid, the historical material of the pen industry. UltraResin is extremely rigid, nearly like metal, incredibly resistant to hits, resistant to oils, inks, electricity, to high and low temperatures, to UVrays, to any weathering condition, and lastly nearly unbreakable. Not only strong, UltraResin is also quite luxurious with an extremely glossy surface, mother of pearl sheen and marbleized colors. Whether it be a deep black or a clear shine.

GlueLess Technology: To produce the new Avatar, Pineider has been developed a new assembly technology, called GlueLess. Thanks to 3D engineering and high precision manufacturing, each individual pen is assembled without using a single drop of glue. A technological puzzle! Every component precisely fits each other by simple framed parts.

Colors: The collection is released in 5 colors plus deep black: Abalone green, Neptune Blue, Riace Bronze, Angel Skin, Devil Red, Graphene Black

Cap Lock: A thin film inserted to protect the magnet from corrosion and allows a soft touch closure.

Writing Devices: The Fountain pen is powered with the large N6 demi flex Futuristic Nib, while the ball point is powered with latest softline technology.

Clip: A sophisticated solid steel clip compensated from inner spring and mechanism built in the cap top of the pen.

Band: Finely engraved and inspired from the skyline of Florence.

Collection: Fountain pen with N6 large steel Pineider futuristic nib, Roller, Ball Point and Pencil.

Packaging: Luxury paper box

Collection: Fountain Pen, Roller, Ball Point, Pencil
Material: UltraResin UR
Nib: steel nib oversize n 6 size M and F
Cap Lock: magnetic
Band: Florence skyline engraved
Clip: feather in marine steel
Trims: Palladium plated nickel free
Filling: converter / cartridge
Packaging: luxury paper box

Avatar Ballpoint, Saffron Yellow / PP2103-419 / $178.00

Avatar 0.7mm Pencil, Saffron Yellow / PP1404-338 / $178.00

Avatar Rollerball, Saffron Yellow / PP1402-338 / $248.00

Avatar Fountain Pen Fine Steel Nib, Saffron Yellow / PP1401-338ZA2 / $280.00

Avatar Fountain Pen Medium Steel Nib, Saffron Yellow / PP1401-338ZA3 / $280.00

Avatar Ballpoint, Lipstick Red / PP1403-339 / $178.00

Avatar 0.7mm Pencil, Lipstick Red / PP1404-339 / $178.00

Avatar Rollerball, Lipstick Red / PP1402-339 / $248.00

Avatar Fountain Pen Fine Steel Nib, Lipstick Red / PP1401-339ZA2 / $280.00

Avatar Fountain Pen Medium Steel Nib, Lipstick Red / PP1401-339ZA3 / $280.00

Avatar Ballpoint, Pacific Blue / PP1403-340 / $178.00

Avatar 0.7mm Pencil, Pacific Blue / PP1404-340 / $178.00

Avatar Rollerball, Pacific Blue / PP1402-340 / $248.00

Avatar Fountain Pen Fine Steel Nib, Pacific Blue / PP1401-340ZA2 / $280.00

Avatar Fountain Pen Medium Steel Nib, Pacific Blue / PP1401-340ZA3 / $280.00

Avatar Ballpoint, Coal Gray / PP1403-341 / $178.00

Avatar 0.7mm Pencil, Coal Gray / PP1404-341 / $178.00

Avatar Rollerball, Coal Gray / PP1402-341 / $248.00

Avatar Fountain Pen Fine Steel Nib, Coal Gray / PP1401-341ZA2 / $280.00

Avatar Fountain Pen Medium Steel Nib, Coal Gray / PP1401-341ZA3 / $280.00