The original toy pen it's come back! The talent and imagination of a almost-unknown Italian designer, Peter Larizza, give body and fame to the ballpoint pen that made history for a whole decade: Snappy®. It was 1983. Its particular form became an icon, the desired star of numerous campaigns for companies of international importance. At the end of the decade Snappy® reached the hundred million units sold worldwide.

SNY-MB-W | Snappy - Pen Basic, White | $4.99

SNY-MB-K | Snappy - Pen Basic, Black | $4.99

SNY-MB-R | Snappy - Pen Basic, Red | $4.99

SNY-MB-B | Snappy - Pen Basic, Blue | $4.99

SNY-MB-V | Snappy - Pen Basic, Violet | $4.99