MAKIO HASUIKE The designer and creator of the brand is Makio Hasuike. I am a japanese designer, and since 1968 I have worked in milan, creating products for companies in a wide range of sectors. I conduct my own personal research with mh way. I love lightness because it is essential, and I look for a sense of surprise and charm in the things that surround me. My strong connection with italian culture and my sensibility based on training in japan both inspire me. I believe cultural differences contain a universal aspect, and this is why I am happy to feel like part of both realities, occidental and oriental: it is like having two worlds in one hand.”

VISION MH WAY offers an unconventional alternative to the briefcase and to travel luggage. The brand is synonymous with the approach of Makio Hasuike: a path of passion and enthusiasm, packed with ideas and solutions, in tireless pursuit of new directions, to make it possible to achieve desires. MH WAY is a trailblazer of new styles and icons in this sector, and continues to believe in the importance of evolution, because the best ideas are the ones that are still to come.






Carrying Tubes