Ultima Cena Collection

The LAST SUPPER pen is a fascinating reproduction of one of the most important works of all time: it is the wall painting of Leonardo da Vinci kept in the former refectory of the Dominican convent in Milan, included by UNESCO Human Heritage The whole Renaissance Master's frame is reproduced on the stem and the detail of the face of Christ is reproduced on the cap. The density of the meaning of this work, which represents the most dramatic moment of the Gospel, combined with the perfection of features and the quality of materials makes this pen an almost solemn instrument. The cold and clear light that reveals an analytical details of the scene of the Last Supper is faithfully reproduced and confers, albeit only through the limited space of the stem, a deep sense of art and a great cultural importance.

Ultima Cena Fountain Pen, 18kt Nib Fine - M12141-F | $7,000.00

Ultima Cena Fountain Pen, 18kt Nib Medium - M12141-M | $7,000.00

Ultima Cena Fountain Pen, 18kt Nib Broad - M12141-B | $7,000.00