Parlamentaire Collection

The parlementaire collection is the Marlen homage to the European history. The European Parliament is the parliamentary organ of the European Union (EU), directly elected by EU citizens once every five years. The design of the pen looks like the building that houses the European Parliament: The barrel is engraved with the word "parliament", in the various official languages. The characterization was completed by elegant blue trim in blue silver plated, color symbol of Europe. The entire pen is made of fine silver and is limited to 1952 pieces which also corresponds to the year when the European union was established.

Parlamentaire Rollerball Pen - M05111 | $2,100.00

Parlamentaire Fountain Pen, 14kt Nib Fine - M05110-F | $2,800.00

Parlamentaire Fountain Pen, 14kt Nib Medium - M05110-M | $2,800.00

Parlamentaire Fountain Pen, 14kt Nib Broad - M05110-B | $2,800.00