Imperium Romanum Collection

A pen created to celebrate an empire, a culture that is at the root of western civilization: The Roman Empire, consolidated in the euro-mediterranean area between the first century. B.C. and fourth centuries A.C. is considered the largest one in terms of management and quality of the territory, social-political organization and the importance of the mark left in the history of mankind. In all the territories over which they extended its borders, the romans built cities, roads, bridges, aqueducts, exporting anywhere their model of civilization and at the same time assimilating the populations and civilizations. After the end of the empire, these people continued to call tehmselves romans. The color red spotted characterizes the collection Gens Pompeia, made in Italian resin turned from solid bar. The large central ring of the barrel, in silver, reproduces the effigy of augustus. The silver clip is set with a small part in handmade wood. The ring on the cap, in silver, brings the two dates that generally identify the beginning and the end of the empire: 27 BC - 395 A.D.

Imperium Romanum Rollerball Pen - M10152 | $1,800.00

Imperium Romanum Fountain Pen, 14kt Nib Fine - M10151-F | $2,300.00

Imperium Romanum Fountain Pen, 14kt Nib Medium - M10151-M | $2,300.00

Imperium Romanum Fountain Pen, 14kt Nib Broad - M10151-B | $2,300.00