Hurculaneum Collection

Marlen is proud to introduce this numbered edition dedicated to Herculaneum (Herculaneum in latin), which was completely buried under a blanket of mud and pyroclastic materials high from ten to twenty-five meters following the vesuvius eruption of the 79: This layer, over the years, solidified, forming a rock floor like tuff but more tender, which protected the remains of the city. The collection was made of Italian brownish resin. The barrel, instead, is made of ceramic on which it was photoengraved. The miniature mosaic neptune and amphitrite from the house of neptune and amphitrite, from which he took the name, found during archaeological excavations at Herculaneum and still preserved in its original location. Clip in siver. Rings of separation in brass and bronze.

Hurculaneum Rollerball Pen - M17102 | $565.00

Hurculaneum Fountain Pen, Gold Plated Nib Fine -M17101-F | $625.00

Hurculaneum Fountain Pen, Gold Plated Nib Medium -M17101-M | $625.00

Hurculaneum Fountain Pen, Gold Plated Nib Broad -M17101-B | $625.00