Costellazioni Collection

Marlen had the pleasure to create a new Limited Edition of just 38 pieces in fountain and 28 pieces in rollerball dedicated to the world of Astronomy. We used the special technnique of hot enamel for representing the paintings. Hot enamel uses a process involving pulverized crystals that are liquified at temperature between 1,200 and 1,500 fahrenheit degrees. Numerous stages are required to produce the final product. The subject is thge first painted on a background of clear enamel using pulverizes colored crystals mixed with essential oils. The pen is then fired several times to fix the painting. Once the desired result has been achieved, the miniature is covered with a layer of transparent enamel and polished.

Costellazioni Rollerball Pen - M09105 | $6,000.00

Costellazioni Fountain Pen, 18kt Nib Fine - M09104-F | $6,800.00

Costellazioni Fountain Pen, 18kt Nib Medium - M09104-M | $6,800.00

Costellazioni Fountain Pen, 18kt Nib Broad - M09104-B | $6,800.00