Delta’s new collection is the product of a tasteful combination of classical materials and avant-garde design produced with great craftsmanship. A writing instrument with classic lines, elegant and refined in the small details. The result is a highly affordable collection crafted using high quality Italian resins. Also a unique and new type of aged/dull finish resembling writing instruments of yesterday. Each pen is individually hand-turned from a special resin and engraved with Delta's trademark. The trimmings are in special metal alloys, polished to a mirror like finish, gold or platinum plated. The Italiana collection is available in 3 splendid colours: black, brown and Ivory. The brown and Ivory versions are offered with either a dull or shinning finish.

Available as fountain pen, roller with cap and ballpen. All fountain pens offered with a steel nib with iridium tip.

DI85021 - Delta Italiana Ballpoint Black - $155

DI85022 - Delta Italiana Ballpoint Brown w/Gold plated trim - $155

DI85023 - Delta Italiana Ballpoint Ivory w/Gold plated trim - $155

DI85024 - Delta Italiana Rollberball Black - $175

DI85025 - Delta Italiana Rollerball Brown w/Gold plated trim - $175

DI85026 - Delta Italiana Rollerball Ivory w/Gold plated trim - $175

DI85027 - Delta Italiana Fountain Pen Black - $195

DI85028 - Delta Italiana Fountain Pen Brown w/Gold plated trim - $195

DI85029 - Delta Italiana Fountain Pen Ivory w/Gold plated trim - $195

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