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The new Cuban Forever from Pininfarina brings a fresh approach to the concept of writing with a dynamic and innovative form that will surprise you from your first use. Designed by Sergio Mori, and featuring a unique ergonomic shape crafted of recycled fine wood, the Cuban Forever requires no ink, no refills, no lead. Instead, the Ethergraph tip puts down a line with all the soft, subtle shading of a pencil, but with the permanence of ink. The tip is a specially crafted alloy of metals designed to write without wearing down, making the Cuban Forever truly a "lifetime writing instrument".

NEW NP01558 - Forever Cuban Cedar Wood - $59.00

NP01523 - Forever Cuban Maplewood- $59.00

NP01525 - Forever Cuban Multistrato Wood - $59.00

NP01526 - Forever Cuban Titanio Wood - $59.00

NP01536 - Forever Cuban Maple Wood with Base - $69.00

NP01537 - Forever Cuban Mulistrato with Base - $69.00

NP01526 - Forever Cuban Titanio with Base - $69.00


Ferrule alloy Ethergraf ®

Width 2cm
Length 10 cm
Weight 31 gr
Single body maple wood